Tuf-Tex® is the world’s most experienced balloon manufacturer. They have been consistently meeting their customers’ needs since 1915, and are committed to providing you the most popular products, reasonable prices, and exceptional service on the market now and in the future.

Tuf-Tex® balloons offer everything you want in decorator balloons; premium latex quality and strength, easy to tie long necks and the fullest, roundest shapes and sizes available. All in a vibrant, versatile color selection, and the widest range of imprint styles available!

Tuf Tex balloons are biodegradable and manufactured in Norwalk, OH

Blue 03
pms 2925
Green 04
pms 362
Orange 05
pms 1585
Pink 06
pms 203
Red 07
pms 185
White 08

Yellow 09
pms 108
Burgundy 12
pms 221
Clear Yellow 13
pms 3945
Crystal Clear 14

Emerald Green 15
pms 348
Magenta 16
pms 226
Sapphire Blue 18
pms 301
Purple 17
pms 2607
Tangerine 48
pms 151
Crystal Red 19
pms 1795
Brown 42
pms 168
Black 41

Patriot Asst 43

Autumn Asst

Tropical asst
Silver 32
cool gray 7
Gold 31
pms 131
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17" Tuf Tex big latex balloons
■Tuf-Tex® balloons are made from 100% natural latex – which breaks down when exposed to the elements of nature
■Latex is harvested from rubber trees – the trees are not harmed in the harvesting process
■Studies indicate that the typical decomposition time for a balloon is about 6 months (about the same as an oak leaf)
■Latex harvesting discourages deforestation of rain forests
■Helium is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly gas

Remember:  in warm/hot weather, inflate your outdoor balloons to only 90% capacity!!!  
Helium expands in the heat!
Standard asst
Crystal asst
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Tuf Tex balloons are made in the USA
Tuf Tex advertising balloons are biodegradable
The 17" balloon requires 1.5 cubic feet of helium to fill properly.

A standard large 219 cubic foot tank can fill approx 146 of these balloons.
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